03599 · Altea

Alicante · Spain

Plaza de los Nobel s/n

Urb. Altea Hills

8 (800) 600-83-40 — Russia +34 966 881 888 — Spain


We offer our clients a full range of services for the construction and repair of houses and villas. Work carry out using the most advanced construction materials and technologies.

Creative and professional, flexible approach to any task, together with a strict discipline, high culture and ethics of production, help us to achieve the highest quality.

To design your own House as you can count on permanent advice and collaboration of our architects with technical staff in full.

We offer “turnkey” construction including the interior design and landscaping.

Build your own home in the way that imagines, and is a favorite spot for the whole family.

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If you are interested in our services, you can call us at the +34 966 881 888 — Spain or 8 (800) 700-11-69 — Russia, or using the following form:

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